Katie Watts


Katie Watts | Visual Artist

Artist Statement

She views and uses photography as a tool of communication; a sense of dialect to stimulate conversation. The process carries her through a journey of reflection and comprehension of the message she is wishing to convey. The use of film photography allows her this methodology imbedded within her work. It is her preferred way of developing and performing her practice due to its complicated simplicity, functioning in an honest and reflective manner. Watts thrives on encouraging individuals to question her material; she believes the obvious is dull, but occasionally consequential. She often finds herself shooting candid frames and refining them further once she has completed the process of developing. Allowing herself this freedom with a roll of film absorbs her shots with personality but yet privacy in relation to her narratives. Everything is embedded with a journey; it is how you choose to perceive that narrative that creates a story.

Curriculum Vitae


2018 | Present  -  BA [Hons] Fine Art Photography, Plymouth College of Art                    

                  2018 |  -  A Level in Photography, Truro College


                 2020 |  -  Snapshot : BA [Hons] Photography, Plymouth College of Art, Students Union

                  2019 |  -  Economy : BA [Hons] Photography, Make Space Studio 5


                 2019 |  -  Interdisciplinary Exhibit, a collaboration across cohorts


                2020 |  -  Creative Workshop, Roche Community Primary School [10-11 Years]


                2020 |  -  Human Hands and Feet, Photocrowd 

                 2019 |  -  People, Photocrowd

Using Format