‘lone’ is an ongoing body of work surrounding a loss of touch. At current, our society has become rather familiar with a sense of solitude, isolated from the ones we used to hold close. This body of work explores this melancholy feeling in a diaristic manner, capturing personal moments of silence, craving an embrace. Absence quietly dominates this visual series, documenting still frames through a reality of distance, yet a desire for connection. I have experienced first hand the effects of a loss of physical connection due to the current pandemic, and have used my art practice as a distraction from my overpowering thoughts; it has acted as a form of therapy in some ways. Working tactically with analogue and instant film enables a raw and private narrative to be conveyed and hopefully supply comfort to others. We have all, in some way, adapted to this solitary life, but that does not mean it has been easy. I wished to document my individual struggle visually, not only to trick myself that I am coping but to inform people that they are not alone -

introducing ‘lone’.

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